The new Urban Outfitters catalog is chock full of party dresses, cozy sweaters... and that same devastated model. She just seems so unhappy! After the jump, we've got hits, misses and a miserable miss. Ready to do some more shopping?

Where are you gonna be New Year's Eve? Someplace that will require you to wear something sparkly?

(Lux You Got The Silver dress, $175)

Maybe instead of a dress you wanna wear black pants and a cool top?

(Lux Cassopoeia top, $42)

Or maybe dinner for two is on tap, and you need something slinky?

(Lux After Sunset dress, $88)

The is the same sour-faced model they've used in the past. You think she'd have cheered up by now, but no.

(Love letter necklace, 24)

The dress is lovely though.

(Lux Divinity dress, $98)

Jiminy Cricket, is this the direction in which pants are headed? Only the hipless need apply.

(Lux Hepburn & Tracy trouser, $68)

If you have to deal with cold weather, you might as well stock up on cozy sweaters. Gray like the sky, hooded like uh, your eyes.

(Kimchi & Blue Twilight cardigan, $72)

Hello Kitty ornaments!

($6, blind boxed)

Just wanted to prove that she is still completely miserable.

(Free People North Star thermal, $48)

They never have price information on the stuff you really want.

Le sigh.

Psst. The blue dog barks at midnight. Fuel for all of your spy fantasies!

(Leica mini digital camera, $225)