Real World roommates Parisa and Trisha haven't really gotten along since they first moved into their all-expenses-paid mansion in Sydney, Australia. The tension escalated when they made out with the same guy on the same night (even though Trisha has a boyfriend), and now in the clip above, things come to a head, and get a bit physical, when the girls fight over the use of the phone. They're both sucky and stupid, but if we had to choose, we'd pick Team Parisa, since Trisha has proven herself to be racist and homophobic. She's always rambling about her Christianity (on the side of her mouth that she's not guzzling beer or kissing guys with), and given the things she's said on the show, it's not entirely out of left field that Parisa's Middle Eastern ethnicity/religion might play at least a small—or perhaps subconscious—role in Trisha's hatred for her. On the next episode, we find out if Trisha is allowed to stay in the house.