The celebrity blogosphere has itself in a tizzy over little Lourdes Ciccone Leon's eyebrows, photographed in closeup at an event last night in London. DListed applauds Lourdes's Mama Madonna for "not allowing Lourdes to cover herself up in makeup and look like a cheap hooker like other girls her age," while the Evil Beet thinks that Lourdes really needs to tweeze, and, as expected, Perez is a dick about it, asking "What's worse? For a woman to have a unibrow or hair on her lip?" But seeing Lourdes's big, beautiful brows made us wonder — what's the appropriate age for a girl to begin grooming her body hair?

A quick survey of us Jezebels shows that Jen and I were the earliest shavers (we started on our legs and pits at 11 and 12 respectively. Is it because we're Eastern European Jews?), while Moe, Dodai, Anna and Tracie were grooming their legs at around 13-14. Anna didn't shave her pits until she was 17 because that's when she started growing hair there (interesting!) But none of us touched our eyebrows before age 14, and Dodai puts it succinctly: "As for Lourdes, i think she should keep her brows that way and not feel pressured into doing anything by bloggers, WTF." But we're curious about what you think. Take our poll below, won't you?

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