The Sharper Image catalog is full of stuff you never knew you needed. Some of it is fun, some of it is cool, some of it baffles the mind. After the jump, projectors and drunk driver helpers and pink knives, oh my!

R2-D2 Digital Video Projector (!!!!)
The pros: Freakin' awesome. Projects DVDs and iPod videos onto your ceiling or wall. You can also project jpegs or video games. Holy crap. As if that were not enough, the wireless remote is shaped like the Millennium Falcon. Genius!!!!
The cons: Price tag of $2800. D'oh! Santa needs a trust fund!

RoboPanda is terrifying. Seriously. Especially when you take into account that it sings. Look at the way it gazes into the panda with fur, as if to say, "You're more real than I am. I am feeling jealousy. I may have to kill you, even though you are not technically alive." ($149.95)

The iTower looks kind of weird and we're not sure how it sounds, but for those with limited space this is a great idea: Stick it in the corner, by the bed, in the bathroom, etc. Electronics with small footprints are your friends. ($179.95)

Light-up leash for dogs who go to raves! ($39.95)

Chargepod is not as elegant as Multipot, but it's still a good idea: all your crap gets charged in the same place and a little indicator lights let you know what's charging up. One problem is the crazy spider design which will never fit on a teeny night table. ($99.95)

AlcoHAWK is a personal blood-alcohol content screener. Is this encouraging drinking and driving? No! Because it says so, right at the bottom: Never drink and drive. But yeah, if you're worried about your next DUI, go ahead and invest. Also: If you receive this as a gift, someone is probably trying to save your life. There will be an intervention by New Year's, for sure. ($139.95)

So these Komachi knives come in different colors to prevent cross-contamination (one for meat, one for fish, one for veggies, etc.) but they're also just pretty, and, sometimes, that's enough. ($24.95 each)

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