Portƒolio's fashion blog points us to Santa's Helper at Net-A-Porter. The virtual assistant is actually a customizable video of a foxy blonde Brit in a red dress, "assigned" to help women get what they want for Christmas via the men in their life. All users have to do is enter information via a series of drop-down windows, including the guy's pet name (choices include captain, cheeky monkey, darling, hot stuff, muffin, pumpkin, sugar and big boy), a self-description (are you stylish and curvaceous? Minxy and petite? Smart and leggy?), a description of him (witty, rich, handsome, thoughtful, macho), and, of course, the desired item(s). (World peace isn't on the menu, how about a cocktail ring instead?). Hit "send" and a link to the video flies is delivered to the dude's e-mail address, with the blonde speaking hand-picked lines.

Santa's Helper is actually not a bad idea, since the type of guy who can afford to buy an $8,450 Oscar de la Renta gown (the first item on the Editor's Picks list!) probably doesn't have time to track it down. Still, for those women who consider themselves jealous types, the "helper" may seem a little too eager to please.

Santa's Helper [Net-A Porter, via Portƒolio]