This week on our new favorite scripted reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, big sis Kourtney had a pregnancy scare. She took a home pregnancy test with the help Khloe (she's the one who got the DUI), who really offered some great words of advice when she said in monotone, "Calm down, it's not that big of a deal." When Kourtney found out she's not "preggers" Khloe suggested that they all go get wasted in Vegas — with their mom. Hey, remember when the little sisters Kendall and Kylie were playing Girls Gone Wild? Well, Khloe and Kourtney aren't playing, they do that shit for real.

Kourtney went to the gyno to find out for sure if she was in the family way. Is this a recreation of actual events like they had last week? Because I don't sit up like that, and my gyno makes me spread my legs back to my ears and has me scoot down the table until my ass is barely on it. If this is a reenactment, how ridiculously awesome is it they Kourtney green lit this scene?

The gang took a party bus for the six-hour trip to Vegas. It didn't have a bathroom, but it was still a home away from home, given the stripper pole.

Hey, where was that toilet when mom Kris peed in a parking lot?

The girls showed off their family assets in the club once they got to Vegas.

And then the mom joined them up there. BTW, she's totally wearing the dress Khloe had on when she was pulled over for her DUI.