Last night, there was a reading and party for Red, a collection of essays by teenage girls. So what exactly is going on with teenage girls today? They're pissed! Basically nothing's changed, 'cause we were some angst-y ass teens. One girl read her essay on dealing with the maintenance of her Jewish hair. Another read about how she got into cutting. But our favorite was the girl who read last. (In the photo gallery she's the blonde wearing an orange turtleneck tunic.) She was very passionate in speaking out to her "sisters" — she memorized her chapter, rather than reading it out of the book — talking about international politics, rape in Sudan, the importance of being extraordinary and believing in yourself. She was 13. I went up to her after the reading was over and asked her what her deal was. She's an actress, who is home-schooled. I asked her if she would consider herself a feminist and she said, "No, I just want to help out women." Gallery below.