The talk shows were sort of all over the place this week. Oprah had on the thousands of members of the Osmond family, rape victims, and age-appropriate fashion, while The View welcomed Damon Wayans on the couch, where the girls realized he's a chauvinist pig, only to have Teri Hatcher reveal the next day that she can totally get down with that. Talk about putting the "desperate" in Desperate Housewives. Sheesh! But of course, the highlight of the talk show week for me was Tyra's "Vagina Dialogues," not necessarily because some Jezebel staffers were in the studio audience (but, duh, it does play a part in my interest), but really because that episode was like clip-show heaven. But another great moment in useless TV was Tyra's first makeover episode of the season. You know what that means...weaves! Get a gander after the jump.

So Tyra sent the lucky participants of her makeover episode a cake to tell them the good news.

It's like, "I'm gonna tell you how to dress. Eat me." And we all know the drill at this point. Everyone gets a weave. So I'm just gonna give everyone else Tyra's weave. Just 'cause.