The greatly anticipated "What's Up Down There" episode of Tyra aired yesterday. Well, it was greatly anticipated by us because three members of the Jezebel staff were in the studio audience. And you can totally see us, too! Sometimes we look bored, sometimes we're giving stank face, and at one point we're openly mocking the discussion, which at times seemed like a lecture on the birds and the bees given to five-year-old children. Like seriously, Tyra was like, "A lot of people don't know that you pee out of a different hole than your vagina." I'm thinking by "a lot of people" she means Miss J. and Mr. Jay. You know they're all, "Ew, Vaginas!" Anyway, a clip is above and after the jump, a recap of the episode, with screen shots of faces!

One of the things that "touched" Tyra was hearing that a 28-year-old registered nurse had never gotten a gynecological exam. So TyTy went with her to help ease her nerves. And she brought a camera and crew with her...into the effing exam room! Could you imagine what it must've been like to have this woman with you when you had no pants on?

So the thing that really pissed me off was that we had to fill out these diagrams of a vagina while waiting to enter the studio. Then, once we were seated for the taping, the PAs collected them from us in large shopping bags and carted them away. Approximately 4 minutes later, Tyra started a segment in which she says that the studio audience was tested and the results were tallied and that only 11% of us knew what all the parts of the vagina are.

There's just no way that happened. Why did they bother having us fill that shit out anyway? It's fine that they wanted to make it look organic in a way, but then I was sort of offended when Tyra was like berating the audience about it, like we're the idiots.

I was really psyched that Moe, Jennifer and I actually made it on camera a bunch of times. But Moe was the only one blessed enough to actually be in the same frame as Tyra. That's Moe, top-right.

Seriously, if that were me I'd make it my Christmas card. I guess the only thing left to do is live vicariously:

Well, unless you count this shot:

That's a framer: