A Target fashion show featuring holograms sounded fucking awesome. Hello, Jem! Best '80s cartoon ever! Target had promised to use holograms instead of models to preview their designer collaborators current collections. Isaac Mizrahi, Liz Lange, Erin Fetherston, Mossimo, Keanan Duffty, and Dominique Cohen were all there to watch the press watch their designs dance across a big screen constructed in the middle of New York's Grand Central Station this morning — in what was to be the first "model-less" fashion show ever! It had the illusion of three dimensions, but they weren't even real holograms. It was a staged, elaborate gimmick. Plus, the "video" (of clothes without bodies dancing around, gardening, strolling, etc) went too quickly. One fashion editor friend commented, "This is just too much. And not in a good way." In addition to snapping some pictures of the strange spectacle, Nikola Tamindzic gave us a lesson on holograms: "If you break a hologram," he told us, "the entire image is actually contained in each part. Just like how a communion wafer is the entire body of Christ." Holograms are like Jesus? "Exactly!" Nikola replied. And yet the show was not a religious experience. If you're in New York, drop by Grand Central today or tomorrow to see for yourself. For the rest of you who want to mock, a gallery begins below.