Last night I joined forces with our dear Slut Machine to go and root for our very own Nikola Tamindzic at Paper magazine's annual Nightlife Awards. Darling Nikola was up for Nightlife Photographer of the Year! He lost, not because he isn't the best (he is) but because the whole thing was clearly rigged: That nasty-ass Cobrasnake won (is it a ploy to get more publicity for "muse" Cory Kennedy? When event host/nasty-ass blogger Perez Hilton encouraged the crowd to "Give it up for Cory Kennedy!" I refused, and loudly.) But other than boo and pout, we also reveled at the scene amongst New York's "downtown" elite: A charming mix of drag queens, transsexuals, aging club kids, and the hangers-on. We crashed Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto's table! We drank his bottle of vodka! We laughed at Perez when he clearly had no idea who model Coco Rocha was! Check out the of freaks and fun in the gallery below (exposed asses and Sophia Lamar and French Vogue cover subject Andre: Oh my!) — and see an extended gallery at