We found Jessica Seinfeld's book, Deceptively Delicious to be just an eency bit annoying. So we were dying to see if her same smug self-righteousness would spill over into her so-called charitable works (though of course there are rumors that she stole the idea for her charity, too. Hmm.) Seinfeld helms a group called Baby Buggy — they give strollers and other baby supply stuff to moms in need. And they had a fundraiser on Thursday night! How do they raise funds? By asking the masses to fork over $450 to gain access to a Lucky Shops event! Yup, the magazine about shopping let women pay to go shopping, and a tiny portion of the proceeds from the sales racked up over the evening went to Baby Buggy. (We saw signs at some designers' booths saying that only 2% of the sale would go to charity.) We attended with bff Nikola Tamindzic, and ended up buying Vena Cava shorts, sigh. Gallery begins below.