This extremely bitter guy has put the stuff his ex-girlfriend left at his house — including her laptop — up for auction on eBay. The best part is that he includes the story of what happened. The chick was a weed head (she sounds awesome) and he says she used him for money, then stopped banging him. One night he found her passwords for her IM and email accounts and discovered she was cheating on him with some other dude she met on MySpace. So he signed on to her IM and, pretending he was the gf, began chatting with the dude she was seeing, saying this: "I would love to do anal tonight, but I don't like it slow, when you have me doggy style, just go for it. I will be ready all night." The gf figured out what happened, dumped him, and left. She must've hated his guts so much, 'cause it's been a few months and she still never tried to get her Dell back. [eBay]