So I know it's not November yet, but it started to get cold, which got me wondering, what became of hopes that buoyed my spirits all summer, which is to say, the idle fantasy of our first black president? They seem forever lost to the ranks of eBay-bound campaign paraphrenalia, wistful wishes of what might have been. Anyway a column in the Washington Post addresses this today, pinpoints the loss of faith to those Hillary campaign numbers I read about a few weeks ago on Drudge, which is to say the whole thing is all about Matt Drudge, and if you don't believe me, ask Matt Drudge, not that he'll write back to you, he's too busy talking to his confidential sources inside the Clinton campaign, who have so much money they're an inevitability, just like Drudge suspected all along, and so suffice it to say if you want to know anything more that happened today you should probably just check Drudge, because that's where I get most of the shit that fills this space anyway.

And I could really use a beer, because the Jim Beam just isn't cutting it right now.


(Though I did just notice that instead of "Drudgery" as the headline I could have put "perjury," and that would open a whole new can of puns, nineties references, etc. Fun times!)