Dodai has this whole theory that The Hills is totally like professional wrestling, neither of which I watch but then I googled "WWE" + "fake" and I totally began to understand what she meant! Like, everyone know that it's all totally fake, and yet, like The Hills, its fakeness has totally become its own industry, gazillions thousands of "Is wrestling really fake?" websites, all 108,972 of which can be succinctly summarized: AFFIRMATIVE! So yes, The Hills is fake, and yet we somehow cannot get enough of the stories about how fake it is, which is to say I for some reason salivated over every word of this interview with a model named Gavin who went on a date with L.C. on last week's episode and I really don't even give a shit. And here's the big takeaway: the fakeness is so comprehensive, and the cast members are so young and devoid of meaningful identities to suppress, that the fakeness is actually disguised realness. Which is to say the date with L.C. didn't go that well.

She's kind of a conversation killer, and when the cameras are rolling, all conversation is kept firmly on the surface. She talked about how mean Perez Hilton was, and how you have to be nice to the Paparazzi so they don't release the uglier pictures of you. I don't know - pop culture, Red Bull, stuff like that. In fact, the most interesting thing I got out of her was that she isn't allowed to eat ice cream because her trainer told her she can't... What you see is really what you get with these people. Lots of fascinating discussion about "the club", Vegas, getting drunk, Heidi is evil, and so on. The lack of depth was actually uncomfortable for me. Like, how can nothing be everything you talk about? OH, I forgot - lots of talk about Lauren's clothing line. That's pretty important, right?

Heavy sigh. But look, the interview ends on a bright note! Everyone's a cartoonified version of him/herself — "except for Spencer, I hear he's really like that."

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