So the other day I'm walking down the street with Dodai, strategizing as to how we were going to pee with those crazy plastic "shenis" things, and it's really sunny and as a rule I lose every pair of sunglasses I buy within the first 36 hours of owning them, so of course I have no sunglasses so I ask to stop at a shop to buy a pair, when suddenly the J.Lo-Ja Rule song "I'm Real" gets into my head and I realize, "OMG, what happened to those glasses no frames and the little rhinestone hearts? Where did those go?" And Dodai says, "I think those where Chloe." And I say, "Um, the ones I had were not Chloe..." And then we shared a moment of nostalgia over that whole bygone era, when everyone went by their abbreviated hip-hop nicknames a la "K-Mart" — like my friend Jason Fagone was "J-Fag" — and indecipherable Murder Inc. anthems ruled the airwaves, and every car had chrome rims, and then I bought the November Vogue last night and realized "OMG ANNA WINTOUR AND I ARE TOTALLY HAVING ESP"

Yup, Manolo Tims. It doesn't get classier.