Science is telling us that women with "hourglass figures" i.e. big asses tend to conceive smarter offspring. It is something about how a kind of fluid that is released or stored better by curvy women, or more specifically those with a small waist-to-hip ratio. Anyway, suffice it to say you should think about that next time you read a Craigslist ad asking for your measurements. He's not a superficial sleazebag! He's just doing it because he doesn't want his offspring to embarrass him at the annual Mensa barbecue! Anyway we have to say this news not only makes us feel sooooo much better about Daniellynn, but the entire next generation of celebrity offspring and really, society at large. Think of the brilliant future play dates to be orchestrated by the respective nannies of Kim Kardashian and the Pussycat Dolls, and J. Lo and "New York."

They will totally rule the Model UN at the school and Maddox will be stuck dealing them ADD drugs and driving Shiloh to lacrosse practice.

Beauty Beat: Sharp Curves [Psychology Today]