Have a kid you can't wait to bedeck in the Spring children's collections by Chloe/Missoni/Marc Jacobs/Dolce & Gabbanna/etc.? Ha ha ha, seriously, stay with me anyway. A story in today's Wall Street Journal interviews middle schoolers who are shunned by their peers for wearing, like, Armani in lieu of Abercrombie. Sixth-grader Aryana McPike, whose mom has purchased her a "closet full" of Juicy and Dolce, describes recently being "instructed" by her classmates that she should wear Air Force 1s and Apple Bottom jeans. Budding populists? Not really according to Becky Gilker, a 13-year-old who says she tries to wear her school's important brands, Hollister and Roxy.

But even the wrong color can bring put-downs, Miss Gilker notes. When she wears pink, she says, "I get the snarky 'Nice clothes!' when people walk by in the halls."

Thoughts: 1. This would be so much better if we were reading about it in Teen Vogue. Hint hint, Amy Astley!

2. Wait, Jesus Christ, Lourdes has her own stylist? Is this because Madonna looks back on all those pictures of everyone dressing the way she did in the Desperately Seeking Susan era and just shakes her head thinking, "Personal style. Now that was a dangerous idea."
3. Does anyone over the age of 20 seriously think school uniforms are a bad idea? Because I sometimes think they should make it a constitutional amendment. But then I think of how creepy and Hitler youth that would look in the history books fifty years later. But then I think, isn't that the idea behind the Abercrombie catalogs anyway?

Fashion Bullies Attack — In Middle School [WSJ]