Washington Post fashion critic and Jezebel permacrush Robin Givhan gave an online chat yesterday during which, as usual, she offered up, with little incident, no-nonsense and completely correct opinions on all our major obsessions. Hissyfitter Marc Jacobs: "Not 'important.'" Florid essayist and woman ogler Stephen Hunter: "I am in awe of his writing." Footwear: "I hate those short slouch boots. I hate Ugg boots. I hate cowboy boots with mini skirts (unless you are 16 and live in LA.)" Jessica Seinfeld's Louboutin dump on Oprah: "I don't think anyone's going hungry because of it." Status hanbags: "fading." Wrap dresses: "classic." The Euro/dollar exchange rate: "frankly, I remain in denial about how horrible it is." But then an anonymous questioner asked what Givhan thought of Cathy Horyn, her rival fashion critic at the New York Times. "You naughty devil from New York!" Givhan replied, before stating for the record this:

Cathy Horyn is a talented journalist.

Seriously folks, what's this all about? We know Givhan and Horyn know each other and have worked at all the same places — starting in Detroit — covering all the same things for years and years and years, and we know Cathy sniped Robin a few months back, and yeah, we're bloggers so we'd like for this to be a feud. But is it actually a feud? Because, hello, Givhan wins! She won the Pulitzer, she wins our popularity contest, and she wins the classy award every time! So whatever the situation here — and PLEASE, if you know about it, share it with us because our lives are empty and boring — Horyn should give up and get Andre Leon Talley to organize a peace summit or something.

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