*Inspired by Shirley MacLaine's assertion that the best parts for actresses fall into one of the above categories

Los Angeles Times Oscar blogger Tom O'Neil catalogs the Academy Awards' "taste for tarts" today, listing a whopping 11 actresses who have won the little gold guy for portraying prostitutes, including Jane Fonda (Klute), Charlize Theron (Monster) and shockingly, homemaking idol Donna Reed (From Here to Eternity).

And those are only the actresses who won an Oscar. Shirley MacLaine was nominated twice, (and lost twice), for playing a lady of the night in Some Came Running and Irma La Douce. And Nicole Kidman, Elizabeth Shue and Gloria Swanson were all nominated for playing pros and lost out. As was Julia Roberts, who was denied the Oscar in 1991 for Pretty Woman. Still, with the record of success of starlets playing streetwalkers, we guess that actress Anna Faris is onto something!

That Naughty, Naked Golden Boy Oscar Sure Loves Floozies! [L.A. TImes]