Prettier women tend to be dirtier/less healthy especially if they don't smile a lot, finds a new study out of Brandeis. The study credits the fact that pretty women are "more social" and therefore "pick up more pathogens," wink, wink nudge. We would probably also go out on a limb and say that pretty girls are probably dirty because they were always too busy getting laid etc. to have time to try very hard. Remember the really hot girls in high school, how they looked by the time senior year rolled around? Still hot, of course, but like, with dreadlocks and leg hair and crap? (Related: remember all those stories about Carolyn Bessette's "Puerto Rican baths," which, on the one hand made you feel like she was a total cunt but on the other hand made you think, "well at least she's not a high-maintenance cunt." Anyhow.) Anyway, click the tag to admire Kate Moss's spot and speculate as to what it might be. And if you see any pretty girls, wash your hands and don't borrow their razors unless you want a superbug! [Psychology Today]