Former Seventeen editor and alpha Alpha Kitty Atoosa Rubenstein has alerted us to this story on her MySpace blog: Plus-sized model Nancy Hayssen posed in "lollipop-inspired baubles" in response to Oliviero Toscani's Nolita ad featuring anorexic Isabelle Caro. "Let me know what you think," Atoosa prompts. "Is Nancy (the plus-sized model) sending the right message?" Lots of Atoosa's "friends" chimed in. 18-year-old FAB from Sweden says, "To be 'stick-thin' is NOT healthy and not okay. It is a slow suicide. But then again, being overweight, and eating a bunch of junk, clogging your arteries, giving yourself a higher risk of heart attacks, strokes, etc... is NOT GOOD EITHER! We should be promoting bodies like Cameron Diaz... or Jennifer Aniston!" (Wait, Cameron Diaz is not stick thin?) Tanasha, also 18, writes, "It's good to see someone with so much confidence in a world where appearance is everything."

Miss Kate, 19, and from the Pacific Northwest, posted: "I think if anyone wants to go into modeling they should be healthy. I never liked models until I started watching America's Next Top Model hosted by Tyra Banks. She supports skinny and plus sized models. But she wants all her girls to be in the best shape possible. Tyra is an amazing person and I think she pushes models to be healthy and fit. I agree with Nancy and I disagree with her. It is important to love yourself but at the same time its not healthy to be obese." But our fave comment came from 22-year-old Countess Sexy Socks, who wrote of Nancy Hayssen, "I do believe she is trusting her gut." LOL!
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