I'm a loyal viewer of Tyra — I know, I'm sick! I hate myself for loving her! — so I'm well aware of her anti-porn attitudes and how she subscribes to a whole bunch of gender stereotypes when it comes to sexuality. So yesterday, when she had on "women who are proud to be sexually aggressive" I just knew I'd be annoyed. And annoyed I was: Instead of booking regular, fun sluts (like me!), she went extreme and featured women who host sex parties, and a girl who exclusively engages in one-night stands she sets up on Craigslist. Tyra often insists that women who crave casual sex must be emotionally or psychologically damaged, but this time, instead of doing too much of the proselytizing herself, she got other guests to do it for her. Needless to say, it was incredibly frustrating hear the bedroom behavior of the sexually dominant women explained away as character flaws due to some sort of inner "emptiness." Because as I understand intimately, the only voids some women are trying to fill are the ones between their legs. Clip above.