Has Anne Hathaway finally dumped her extravagantly shady boyfriend Rafaello Follieri? (You'll recall she said his charity work was an aphrodisiac, but then it turned out all charity for him began at his $40,000-a-month penthome, and then maybe he cheated on her or maybe Ron Burkle just made that up because he was mad about all the embezzlement, etc.) Anyway New York Magazine just called "Hathaello" quits, saying they hadn't been photographed together since September 5, and it pains us to admit that we immediately thought "Nah-ah they were totally on TMZ TV the other day," but that was the truth and somehow they are still together because they either have some sort of agreement that he atones for all his sins by buying her handbags commensurate with the magnitude of his doucheyness or that giant thing is hiding a "bump"... [NY Mag]