Today's Mirror has some advice for women who find themselves traded in for a younger model — in love, at work, or by your kids. Unfortunately, the advice is pretty lame. If a man dumps you for a younger chick, says the paper, you're supposed to "focus on your own life and how to live it." Not exactly revolutionary! You're also advised to "spend time with friends, engage in activities you love and remind yourself that, if she's a lot younger than you, she won't get 90% of what he's talking about." Sigh. Is this really any consolation? At work, if you're replaced with someone younger, "there are age discrimination laws on your side" but also "keep learning, sign up for some relevant courses" because "it may be time to bring some new ideas to the table" and if all else fails, "take steps to find a career that really does inspire you." What if your career did inspire you? You're just out of luck?

We skipped the part about how to "feel "when your kids get married — be happy for them, for chrissakes! — and the advice of what to do if you're the younger woman is equally obvious: "Asking him if you're better in bed/prettier/more successful will only create problems — particularly if he says the wrong thing." But seriously: Surely there's some better advice out there for dealing with the pain, the rage, the indignity of being ditched for a younger woman. Got anything? We don't!

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