This new graphic being sent around by people on Facebook makes the subversive argument that Republican women are prettier than Democrat women. And initially I was flattered, because unless it's your job to be pretty, being really pretty is usually a sign that you're spending too much time getting foils applied to your follicles and unnecessarily elevating your heartbeat and not enough time reading up on the issues. But then, you know, I immediately regretted wasting that much time formulating a response. And then I remembered how I used to feel when my little brother would say something like "I'm older than you, in a way," because although he was actually two years younger his birthday fell two weeks before mine in the same month, and I would argue with him for about three hours until realizing that my time was better spent, you know, reading up on the issues.

Or getting highlights. Whatever. So yeah, "la la la la la la la I love it when things are equal parts offensive and inane and it drives so much traffic it really affirms my whole fucking existence where's Ann Coulter anyway la la la" is all I'm going to add.

"Your Women Are Ugly!" Is Not A Political Argument [Feministing]