One of our beloved commenters is having radical surgery today, and while we asked ourselves "What Would Jezebel Do" we couldn't find it within ourselves to start praying to Baal at a time like this. So here's talking to you, God/Science: we're never sure what to think at a time like this, whether we really want to look like we're recognizing the pains and concerns and hopes and desires of one of us over the pains and concerns etc. of everyone else who is suffering out there in the world, but our commenters give us joy and laughter and a bizarre sense of purpose every day and all those good vibes have certainly made our lives happier and more worthwhile. And so it only makes sense that we'd want to redirect all those good vibes to a friend in need on her day of need. And since sending flowers to "Flyover State" at the Mayo Clinic would probably look like a pretty lame attempt to stage another anthrax attack you should probably just all dispense with the positive vibes here and hope they've got Wi-fi. Good luck, and thanks to reader Sven for reminding us.