Cool dad, cool Halloween costume: "In an age when young girls are taught to use their bodies for showing off or are offered costumes designed to illustrate what they look like instead of what they can do, my daughter was going to learn about using a body for fielding, for hitting, for throwing out a runner at home from center, for sliding, for taking out the short stop on a 4-6-3 double play, for having fun, for getting dirty, for tossing the ball in a backyard and gifting a silly, frustrating, hopeful game to a new era, for spending countless, mosquito-plagued late summer evenings sending ghost runners around the bases one more time before dinner and hoping to god you have a team to root for come October and even if you don't you hope to stay up late for at least a few innings." Think she's rooting for the Rockies or the Red Sox? [Cry It Out]