We always thought "Jezebel" from the Bible was a whore, but there's a new book out about this very subject that sets shit straight: when the Bible writers wrote "whore" they meant in the "famewhore" or "publicity whore" sort of sense, which we at first assumed was kind of worse. But actually! Jezebel was a 15-year-old princess villain of the Book Of Kings. When she married Ahab of Israel it angered some of the Jews, who back then were more like the Bible Belt evangelicals of the South whereas the pagans were more like the Jews, rich and cosmopolitan. Times change! Anyway, the Jews got really mad about it because Jezebel was all about tolerance of lots of different points of view, free your mind and the rest will follow etc., and somehow she wound up eaten alive by dogs and mad Isaiah prophesied a drought, which the Washington Post points out was sort of like predicting a drought in Southern California. "The odds are certainly in your favor." [Washington Post]