Just hours ago, Fendi concluded Red China's first major fashion show on the storied Great Wall. Millions of Chinese toiled and died in a centuries-long endeavor beginning 10,000 years ago so actress Kate Bosworth and socialite Tinsley Mortimer could watch models make their long march down this thing, and that's just fine with us because it was never that great at keeping out the likes of Genghis Khan or whatever. Aside from Kate and her ginormous furry coat, the wall was graced with the presence of Thandie Newton, Zani Gugelman, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Amanda Hearst, Elle magazine editor and olive-dieter Anne Slowey, Zhang Ziyi and doppelganger Riyo Mori, and of course Fendi designer Karl Lagerfeld, but no big Chinese dignitaries showed up because it was considered a "loss of face" that they didn't send Anna Wintour.

Kidding! No Chinese dignitaries showed up because, improbably, the Fendi show is not the most important thing going on in Beijing this week. You see, the Chinese Communist Party's annual convention is underway! And in honor of the property's professed desire to promote more "healthy online cultural products" as "part of their efforts to promote social harmony" we decided to caption every picture from the show and accompanying parties with a powerful passages from the official Xinhua news agency coverage of the week's big speeches. Gallery - with Chinese characteristics! — begins below.