This month's Marie Claire has an article about women who hit their boyfriends, "a relationship trend that's more common — and serious — than you think." It's written by a dude who's gotten punched by not one, but two GFs. So why is this a "serious" concern for us ladies? Because if we hit our boyfriends they might dump us! What. Evs. If he pissed you off so much that you had to pop him, you were probably gonna dump his ass anyway, right?

Anyway, the article's author, Chris Norris, asserts that 28% of men will get struck by a woman at some point in their lives. He then tries to hypothesize about why girls hit guys:

Maybe it's a postfeminist thing. Dressing to kill, bringing home the bacon, kicking ass in the workplace — the nascent alpha female may have a dark side, a culturally abetted idea that it's more or less okay to hit the less physically vulnerable member of the relationship.

Eh, what about the idea that he was asking for it?

Kidding! (Kinda.) Yes, violence isn't the best way to solve any sort of conflict, but Norris was right about one thing: Men perceive themselves as being less physically vulnerable than women, and because of that, they often think they're above getting hit, and really aren't expecting it when it happens. So sometimes the shock of a woman socking a guy in the jaw is a lot more effective than verbally cutting him down to size — especially if he's an immature baby who tunes you out when you talk. You know, spare the rod, spoil the man child.

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