I couldn't get enough of today's "there's too much testosterone on Wall Street, therefore we're making all the male traders take ESTROGEN PILLS now" story on SAC Capital, so lacking any actual news I went over to check the comments on Dealbreaker, which people who make money actually read. And most of the commenters were naturally like, "Ha ha ha she said 'SAC,'" but then we stumbled upon a beauty.. "So yesterday I'm sitting in a Starbucks, scorching my tounge on burnt coffee. This hot, tall, thin, small breasted goddess walks in, a youthful 20+/-. (ok probably 17, but a VERY mature 17). She steps up to the barista, and I'm checking out her ass to make sure she's wearing a thong. The FIRST thing that goes through my mind: I bet Jeffrey Epstein would love to stare at her topless and beat off in a towel. I'm damaged!! Can I send my therapy bills to DB?" Ha ha ha, maybe all the banks should just start giving out estrogen! [Dealbreaker]