No, that's not Pete Doherty holding Kate Moss' hair while she snorts a line of blow, it's a pair of celeb doppelgangers from a book called Confidential. Photographer Alison Jackson enlists star lookalikes for faux celebrity shots you desperately wish were real. "Madonna" bathes in Kabbalah water, "Jack Nicholson" parties in a pool with naked chicks, "Tom and Katie" read to "Suri" from a Scientology For Babies book, "Catherine Zeta-Jones" and "Michael Douglas" get simultaneous cosmetic surgery procedures, etc. "We are a culture of voyeurs because we can't have what we see," Jackson says. "We can never have the real deal. It's unattainable. It creates an obsessive, invasive set of needs. Often I hear, when people look at my work, they say, 'Oh my God, I can't look at that.' Then they want to look at it more." Her interview is great; her slide show is better! [Radar]