Schtupping your co-workers has lost its stigma, according to a New York Times story for which the primary example is the JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER, because it's suuuuuch a thrillingly counterintuitive phenomenon that an organization representing a religion that prides itself on the perpetuation of its lineage would tolerate dating within an office staffed exclusively by people who share that same lineage:

Ms. Kay and Mr. Lacks, 26, employees at the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan, shared lunch breaks, dating war stories and daily e-mail lists about things that made them happy — the ocean at night, macaroni and cheese, hooded sweatshirts.

Which is sweet and all, and maybe it's just the Gentile in me, but I kind of have to disagree: Fucking co-workers is a dumb idea, if only because you might need to actually ask them favors in the future and find that they have blocked your IM screenname. But don't take it from me! Take it from Meg Ryan, Liz Taylor, Bennifer and Kim Basinger: Fucking co-workers is a bad deal for everyone. We polled our friends:

And then gave up after Jezebel 1. (Who did this, long ago, then he started dating someone else at the office, he's a douche.) Because every single person we know has fucked co-workers — and by single we mean still single — and the inevitable workplace sobbing/passive-aggressive struggles over stupid projects/loss of hot sexual tension that was good for um inspiration/ um did we mention workplace sobbing was NEVER worth the initial hot email/ergonomic chairsex action?

Boss's Memo: Go Ahead, Date (With My Blessing) [NY Times]