Makeover week is probably the most exciting part of each cycle of ANTM. Everybody loves to witness a transformation, but what we love more is to see girls cry when sadist Tyra Banks orders their hair cut off. Last night, the girls were taken to Ken Paves, the man famous for being Jessica Simpson's gay boyfriend. It was probably the least weave-y makeover episode in Top Model history — only four of the 12 girls were given weaves (and Saleisha's doesn't really count, since they gave her a Prince Valiant/Sonny Bono 'do). A whopping five girls got all their hair chopped off, but it was Bianca's that was the saddest, as she was meant to get a Beyoncé-esque blonde look to replace her $25 weave, but her damaged hair couldn't take it, so the solution was to shave her head and give her a "medical" wig. Also, Miss J.'s interactions with Ebony and her glued-on wig — which of course he wore — were priceless. Final verdict: Worst makeover had to be Lisa's short, curly mess. Best makeover was Chantal's, which essentially is the same style as Tyra's, only platinum blond.