There are some hilarious tales in today's Mirror from UK dads who were — and were not — present while their wives gave birth. Stuart Austin, 33, says if he had to do it again, he'd "be like a 1950s father, sitting in the corridor and waiting for the baby's scream." He was at his son's birth because, as he says, "that's what men of my generation do... I didn't feel I had a choice." His wife, Teresa, had a difficult labor and the doctors decided she needed a Cesarean. When she was crying in pain and about to get the epidural, Stuart was holding her hand, thinking, he couldn't go on. "My head swam and my knees buckled. I let go and walked to the door. I could hear Teresa screaming: 'Where are you going?' It was awful. I got into the corridor, sunk into a chair and told [my sister] Kasie to take over."

Dominic Martinez, 33, has two sons, and was at both of their births. He says he wanted to be there for his wife, Fi. "There wasn't a time during her pregnancy when she asked whether I wanted to be at her side. Rightly, Fi just assumed that if she was going to go through it, so was I," he says. "I'll admit the nine hours Fi was in labor with Lawrence were hard to watch, but let's face it, it was tougher for her than me." The story also includes a quote from chef Gordon Ramsay, who missed the births of all four of his kids. Ramsey says attending a childbirth is like being "stuck in a room with a thousand skinned rabbits." (Uh, how would he know if he's never been?) But seriously, if a guy gets you knocked up, shouldn't he be there to witness what he's done?

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