The NY Times' Tom Friedman wrote a column today on how the younger generation is colossally clueless and terrifyingly sanguine about how fucked we are on account of his generation, possibly because we are so pumped full of seratonin all the time. But as usual, Mr. Fixit Friedman that he is, Tom gives "Gen Q" a few easy tips for what to "demand" of politicians visiting campus, because that is obviously how to solve problems. Among them: What is your plan for dealing with the deficit — so we all won't be working for China in 20 years?Oh, so the DEFICIT is the reason we're all going to work for China in 20 years, is it? The deficit and not your precious bestselling globalization-defending "World Is Flat" thing? Anyway, The World Is Flat, if you haven't read it, has lots of other tips for our generation that it calls "becoming untouchable," that can basically be summarized as "Don't limit yourself to one thing; do everything; gain lots of little skills; just make sure you build that personal brand" which can obviously be further distilled to mean "Be some variation on Paris Hilton."

Hey, it worked for Steve Aoki, didn't it? Too bad everyone in this generation is too busy designing, deejaying, modeling, acting and compiling coffee table books about their awesome lives to get MAD about shit anymore, eh??? Think I could incorporate ANGER into my personal BRAND, Tom?

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