Ann Coulter was on Star Jones Live on Court TV today promoting her new book If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans, which Star describes as "a bunch of Coulterisms" with no real point. (Imagine that!) Although Star, a staunch Democrat, was pretty fair with Ann, she didn't let her off the hook for the ridiculous shit she's said over the years. Star, like us, wants to chalk up those off-color remarks as jokes cracked by an irreverent envelope pusher (think the Sarah Silverman of the Right Wing), because when you think about it in those terms, Ann is pretty fucking hilarious. Sadly, Ann buys into her own schtick. She also maintains that she is not anorexic, because... she has a boyfriend. Oh, and she says single women shouldn't be allowed to vote because we just want to spend all the government's money. Clip above.