We've said it before, and we'll say it again (over and over and over): October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Unfortunately, in the minds of our nation's crap-pushers, this means it's time to sell breast cancer-branded paraphernalia, which is to say: what they were selling you before, but in pink. (Or with a pink ribbon bedazzled on it.) This morning, the NY Times pointed out that sending the cost of a stamp (41 cents) directly to a breast cancer charity is more cost-effective than sending the pink lid of a Yoplait yogurt back to the company. They'll only be sending the Susan G. Komen organization a dime.

The website Think Before You Pink gives a full rundown of breast cancer branded products and let's you know exactly where your money is going. Our fave from the list has to be the SpongeBob Pink Pants Beanie Baby. Not on Think Before You Pink's list, however, is what we've affectionately named the the Clown Tits bra. Who doesn't want their boobs to look circus-y? For charity!

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