Okay guys, here you go: it's the sexy "Ana Rexia" Halloween costume you all can't wait to get your hands on. I kind of don't know what to say about this, except that I can see it giving packs of beer-gutted Eagles fans a new reason to cross-dress this Halloween, and that maybe next time you're out trolling the internet for outfits that will be a big hit on America's boardwalks, why don't you spice it up and think to send some of the other ingenious crap out there, like the T-shirt that says "Everytime you see a rainbow, God is having gay sex" or better yet, "My dick cures cancer; It's a shame I won't fuck a bald chick." Or, OH MY GOD, click the tag to ogle this thing I just saw on T-shirt Hell that is simultaneously 100x more offensive and 100x stupider than Sexy Ana Rexia and will seriously cause you to lose brain cells... [Mamavision]