Back in August, Mediaweek reported that the National Lampoon network of websites was going to add a "Female-Centric Site," called the 8228 Network. Hooray, we thought. Maybe now hilarious up-and-coming women comics will get the internet airplay they deserve! Then we went to the 8228 dummy page, and apparently "female centric" means "great articles, gossip, lists, celebrity pics and more" — not exactly a platform for burgeoning female comedic talents. Confusing! So we called Zach Posner, the Vice President of Corporate Development at National Lampoon, and he made the 8228 Network's mission even clearer: "we might even do a recipe site," he told me. "We could go there!"

"The themes of 8228 are celeb, fashion, health, food and fitness," Posner continued. "Some [of the affiliate sites] will be humorous and some won't be — that's why it's being branded 8228 network and not National Lampoon's. It's not expected that it will be a comedy site." Nope, in fact, 8228's flagship blog will be a collection of silly celebrity interviews done on film junkets called The Zaz!, hosted by Matt Zaller. "We're not targeting men or women, we're targeting everyone," Zaller said. "But it's not video games and traditional college dude stuff. A lot of the people who watch the show are women, so I've been told."


Right. Well did we really expect comedic enlightenment from the people who brought us Fat Guy Nation Movie Review and F'd Up Southern Traditions: Pig Slaughter and Cockfighting?

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