Oh great: it's another story by an ambitious, successful, fabulous woman who can't find a husband! Not for lack of time, or interest: because she's so fucking ambitious, successful and fabulous! In this installment, the author goes on a date with a doctor at an Italian restaurant:

As we were finishing the main course, I struck up conversation with the owner (Marco) in Italian - I speak five languages. My date nearly choked on his linguini and spent the rest of the date mute. I had committed the worst dating faux pas: I had outshone my suitor.

Ugh, no; you bitch, you're a fucking show-off which explains the whole reason you would write a story about how fabulous you are. Guess what else? I bet your self-professed ambition can get in the way of you forming genuine human connections to others. It happens! And guess what else, else? Anyone worth dating can spot that shit a MILE AWAY.

A tip for next date: after you and Marco have your chat — don't go over three minutes unless you're date's in the bathroom cause it's sorta rude — don't let "five languages" be the first English phrase out of your mouth. Ha ha, better yet, do Marco! You're probably not as staggeringly articulate in Italian and he won't feel so terribly outshone. And he'll do all the cooking which is sorta beta right?

What Women Want: A Beta Male [Times of London]