Initially, I thought VH1's new reality show America's Most Smartest Model would be a total piece of crap, and actually, yes, it mostly is! But it's a highly watchable piece of crap, which is actually a winning formula in my book. Hosted by professional smart guy Ben Stein and Harper's Bazaar Contributing Fashion Editor Mary Alice Stevenson, the contestants are put through a series of tests — like spelling bees, walking and talking at the same time (yes, really) — to see who of the group is (relatively) smart and has the potential to be a good model. But the best part of the whole show is Russian model Andre. Love. Him. He's so foreign with his weird status symbols (he has a rare dog!) and unintentionally-abrasive way of speaking. Plus, he has that hot "V" thing — the best part of a man's body — on his abdomen that points down to his ween. I hope he sticks around.