According to a survey by the company that makes Axe body spray (we know, we know!) women in New York are totally "naughty." Eight out of ten would consider using handcuffs or a blindfold during sex; six out of ten have hooked up on the first date; four out of ten have gone to a bar without wearing any underwear. New York girls came in third in terms of naughtiness in the ten cities polled - after Los Angeles and Miami. All of the women were also asked about "naughty" hookup locations. The Eiffel tower, a nun's car, and a Christmas tree farm were on the list, but the one that made us stop and say WTF? was "a chicken factory." That's right. A chicken factory.

Seriously. Someone got hot and bothered while surrounded by raw meat. An informal Jezebel poll found one of us had done it "next to a dumpster behind the banquet hall at this wedding," or "in the snow on the side of a ski slope." A couple of us said "bar bathroom," and more than one person said "in the back of a yellow cab." But no one, no one mentioned a chicken factory. And we have one word to say about it: Salmonella!

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