Everybody loves Jenna Bush. The left. The lefter. Seriously, we thought it was just us! But no. But why? Well, the whole rap had been that she had finally stopped binge drinking and made something of herself, America loves a redemption; such as Anna Nicole getting skinny again; etc. etc. but the New Yorker weighs in this week on her new book about kids with AIDS ("verging on hard-boiled," they say) with a counterintuitive new theory about how Jenna went about becoming a decent person:

"If you don't have a glass of wine and you want one, you should get one, because it's a party," she said, drawing a laugh. "No, really, go back to the bar and get one."...The issue of writing and drinking—together—came up. "A lot of writers get their views from the bottle," Steven said.

Right: so as long as she keeps drinking and does not follow in the footsteps of her Ahmadinedad, the world will be safe for children?


Is this supposed to make me feel better about my hangover? How is, um, Lindsay supposed to recover now???

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