It was great to see the gang back together on last night's reunion episode of Rock of Love, but honestly, we were a bit disappointed, only because we wanted more. It should've been two hours, not one. We didn't even get a Tiffany segment! However, we were happy to finally to see Mia come out of her shell, since once she did, she implied that Lacey's cooch is unkempt. And we loved that Brandi M. imitated the way Lacey walks toward the limo in her bunk-ass YouTube video. After the jump, take a look at the rest of the girls.

Brandi C. looks better.

Dallas is just as weird as ever. And what was with that remark toward Lacey about how she doesn't date black men? And then audience applauded as though it were a successful jab at Lacey or something.

Erin looks better.

Heather looks...different.

Jes looks the same.

So does Jessica. We're not sure if that's a good thing.

Who the fuck is this girl?

Kristia has cuter extensions.

We're all still laughing with Rodeo.



Yikes x 10:

So pissed that this was like the only Tiffany moment on the whole episode.

So Lacey's band Nocturne performed.

And this is how the crowd reacted:

Magdalena's boredom was the best though.

And last but definitely not least, Rodeo plugged her all-natural BBQ sauce. Except she did such a shitty job at it!

What the hell does that bottle say? We want to buy it and grab our kids L.A.-style and play under a rainbow of never-ending love. Rock!