There aren't too many things that shock me on daytime TV, at least with regards to discussion of the human body. Between Joy Behar's detailed descriptions of gynecologists visits, Whoopi's vagina spasms, Tyra's farting policy, and Oprah's fecal-shape obsession, I thought I'd heard it all — but I was wrong. This week on a very special episode of Oprah, Dr. Oz and an all-male studio audience had a Q&A session. What did the boys discuss? Smegma! And they man-handled some testicles! On The View, there was a different kind of dick: Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She felt the need to bust into an abortion debate in the middle of a discussion on public assistance. Clips above, and after the jump, the other panel members' faces in response to what she was saying.

So Elisabeth said that people get abortions for "superficial reasons." I'm not even sure what the fuck that's supposed to mean, but it still pisses me off. All four of the other panel members were just as incensed.

Even Elisabeth's partner in creationism, Sherri Shepherd, couldn't get on board with what she was saying.

You have to really do shock Babs to get her face to move this much.

But Whoopi's reactions were by far my fave.