You may have noticed that we were experiencing technical difficulties on Friday, so I held off on posting "Lady Bunch" until today. Much like with periods, it's better late than never. (Right?) So, anyway, last week was Sherri Shepherd's first week as a full-time panel member of The View and we learned that the creationist momentarily believed that the world is flat, regularly shakes her giant naked breasts in her son's face, and gets turned on by pirate erotica. Oddly enough, despite all that weirdness, I couldn't really find an adequate enough clip of her to include. Way to be moronic and boring, Sherri. I'd much rather listen to Oprah talk about poop [Jeez, she's still stuck in that Freudian anal phase? -Ed.], listen to Barbara Walters say "sperm" with her weird accent, and listen to Tyra say/do anything. Above a clip show, and after the jump, more daytime TV fun, which includes, of course, hair weaves.

With Sherri and Whoopi on The View all week now, I'm really missing face time with this one:

I think the Whoopster is a doing a swell job and all, but she's too even-keeled and sensible. And she doesn't have that same quality as B.Dubs, where everything that comes out of her mouth is magical. For example, the word "sperm" suddenly is "spuhhm." And don't even get me started on how she pronounces mermaids.

Speaking of faces, this is what Sean Penn's looks like now:

He was on Oprah discussing a new movie he directed called Into the Wild, the true story of that hippie retard who decides to live in an Alaskan forest with no map or food, and duh, dies of starvation. The hippie retard is played by Emile Hirsch, whom I've been crushing since Lords of Dogtown, but who wasn't looking particularly appealing for this appearance. Also, he was talking about getting spa treatments. What do you guys thing: Gay or Nay?

Ooh, also Jenny McCarthy was on Oprah this week discussing her son's autism. She's really engaging. And while we're on the topic of engaging, I know it's been rumored, but is she engaged to Jim Carrey? That ring is on her left hand:

OK, now back to faces. I'm so happy to look at Tyra's everyday. What I'm not happy about is her vagina arms.

Something tells me that TyTy's armpit vaginas are not an accurate reflection of her operating vagina. So you know what that means: Makeover! And you know what a makeover means: Hair weaves!