Code red! (Or, um, a more fashionable crimson?) Tom Ford has issued a verbal smackdown to all of France: The man who brought us NC-17-rated perfume advertising says that London, not Paris, is where the hot fashion is coming from these days. Ford, who was head designer at Gucci for a decade, is quoted in today's Independent saying, "In terms of French culture, if you think about what the French are producing in terms of fashion or architects or painters or musicians, they are quite far behind what the British are producing." The ghost of Coco Chanel is weeping, you guys. This is serious.

What will the retaliation be? No one knows for sure. (We advise you to exercise caution in this time of crisis. Consider all Dior accessories to be security threats. If you're visiting France, you may want to try and blend in — rock a blue and white striped shirt and a thin Galliano-style mustache just in case.) Also, how insulated is Ford? "When you think of Paris you think of Karl Lagerfeld who is not French," he says. "And you think of Marc Jacobs who's not French and Stefano Pilati who's Italian." Well when we think think of Paris we think of the Eiffel Tower and baguettes. And when we think of Tom Ford, we think of a headless woman with a bottle between her tits. If you see something, say something.


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