Thank God for Norman Hsu, because on any other day I'd be whining predictably about something to do with market capitalism, like Steve Jobs' scheme to make his stock options more valuable because he could really use the cash right now, or the media industry's lobbying to keep all those ads for bipolar disorder meds frequent and vague, or that mercenary company's lobbying to keep federal oversight of their "security" services in Iraq infrequent and vague, or maybe that so much of the country's economy has been outsourced to the very Indian city where it's considered appropriate behavior for a dude to thrust hydrochloric acid onto the face of a chick who turns him down.

I'd probably be sputtering about Goldman Sachs raking in almost a three billion dollars net profit in a single quarter by correctly betting that all those people would end up losing their homes. But seriously, fuck all that, let's talk about Norman. Here is a guy who, if I am reading this correctly, systematically sold wealthy boomer icons on the not-exactly-pipe dreamy notion that his business was making a killing manufacturing Gucci-priced shit in Chinese-waged factories; when he was actually giving every cent to his favorite politicians and he had no business at all and OMG there goes $60 million. I probably would have given the money to Obama, or like, genocide victims somewhere, but here it's the gall that counts. Anyway, off to divert some funds earmarked for "Amex" to my local bartender. See ya tomorrow!